Come & get me! , joke.

Isaac and Sarah got married and left on their honeymoon.

When they got back, Sarah immediately telephoned her mother Leah.

“Well,” said Leah, “how was the honeymoon,darling?”

“Oh mum,” Sarah replied, “the honeymoon was fantastic. It was so romantic, and ..and…”

Then Sarah started to cry. “Oh mum, as soon as we got back, Isaac started using terrible language.


He said things I’d never hoped to hear, all those 4-letter words.

Please mum, get into your car now and come and take me home.”

“Calm down, darling,” said Leah, “tell your mother what could be that awful.

Don’t be shy, tell me what 4-letter words Isaac used.”

“Please mum, I’m too embarrassed to tell you, they’re terrible words.

Just come and take me away.” said Sarah.

“But bubeleh, you must tell me, you must tell me what the 4-letter words were.”

Still crying, Sarah replies, “Oh mum, he used words like WASH, COOK, IRON, DUST, …”

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