Golf joke

A married couple played golf together everyday.

One day the man and his wife were on the first tee of their local course, he was on the yellow tee and she was waiting in front of him by the ladies red tee.

He teed off and caught the ball perfectly, unfortunately it hit his wife smack in the back of the head killing her instantly.

She fell face down on the tee, didn’t know what hit her.

They had an inquest on the wife’s death, the coroner said it was clear how she died, she was killed by a golf ball, and that there was a perfect imprint of a Titelist No. 2 golf ball on the back of her head.

The husband said “yes that was my ball”

The coroner then went on to say that he was a bit concerned to find a Topflite No1 ball inserted up the woman’s backside, and could the husband throw some light on this ?

The husband said

“Oh that must have been my provisional ball, I wondered where it went”

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