Three football fans, joke.

Three football fans were driving along when they spied a body in the undergrowth.

Stopping their car, the three guys ran over to see what they could do.

Unfortunately, they found the nude body of a deceased young woman.

Being gentlemen, the first guy dropped his Spurs hat over one breast.

The second guy, a Liverpool fan, placed his hat over the other breast.

The Manchester United fan then placed his hat over the woman’s private parts.


Soon the police arrived. The coroner started checking over the body.

He picked up the Spurs hat and quickly placed it back.

He then picked up the Liverpool hat and returned it.

Then he picked up the Man United Fan hat, put it down,

then picked it up again inspecting the hat more closely, and then put it down.

Then he picked it up a third time.

By this time, the Man United fan was a bit irritated and he asked,

“Why do you keep picking up that hat?

Are you some kind of pervert or something?”

The coroner responded with a wry smile, “Son, I can’t figure this one out.

Usually when I come across one of these Man United hats, there’s an arsehole under it.”


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