free drink and a shag joke

It was Friday evening in Liverpool, and having just received their Dole cheque, Gaz and Baz were trying to decide where to go that night.

“I know,” said Baz, “There’s a great club in town we ought to try.”

“What’s it like?” asks Gaz.

“Well, you go into the club up to the bar where they give you a free drink.

Then you go upstairs for a shag.

Then you go back to the bar and have another free drink.

After twenty minutes you go upstairs for another shag.

After this, you go to the bar again and have another free drink and then go upstairs again and have another shag!

After this you go downstairs, have a final drink and leave.

On the way out they give you a hundred quid and you go home.”

“Wow!” said Gaz, “That sounds great. Have you been before?”

“No,” said Baz, “but my sister has.”


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