French man goes to America.

There was this french man who came to america.

he was walking down the street and saw a shop selling bukets for 1 $ each so he
went inside and he says to the owner ” i would like a fuket.

you mean a buket?

yes a fucket.

so he bought the buket!

a few blocks down he saw a pet shop selling cocker spaniels for 5 0 $ each! so he went inside
and says ” i would like to buy a cocker!

the shop keeper sys ” you mean a cocker spaniel ”

” yes a cocker ” and bought one.

the next shop he entered was a bar and they were having happy hour all bud lights for a dallor!

so he asked the bar tender ” can i have a butt ”

the bar tender says ” you mean a bud?

” yes a butt ” so he buys one and at that moment his dog gets lose and he goes to the guy next to him

” please hold my butt and fucket while i chase my cocker!

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