Blonde mother jokes.

I think my daughter secretly love’s star wars, I found a vibrating light saber under her bed!

My son is always tending to his in-home garden…I never understood why he grows his plants in the closet though.

My daughter is such a great tutor…Every boy in school is always leaving her room with a big smile on their face.

My son always deletes the history on his laptop…He’s always thinking of ways to make it run faster! Smart boy.

My son’s bedroom is filled with beer bottles. I’m so glad he decided to start recycling!

I think my son’s friend wants to fix up my car…He told me he’d give me the best rim job ever.

My son just went out to buy new “rubbers”… We used to call them “erasers” when I was in school.

My daughter is always talking about getting the D…She better pull her grades up or she will be grounded.

My son said he wants to be a drug dealer…I think he meant pharmacist though! Cute kid.

I found used condoms in the trash … they probably just ran out of water balloons.


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