Three dogs in the vets

Three dogs in the vets and one dog says to the others ” what are you in for “?

So the corgi says ” I bit the postman” all the other dogs cry out ” oh its the needle for you ”

Then they ask the second dog ” why are you here “?

The spaniel shouts out ” my master left me in the house alone and I shit all over the carpet ”

The others reply ” its the chop for you my friend”

then they ask the great dane ” What did you do “?

well my mistress was having a shower and was walking about naked

Seeing her like that made me very randy ,then she bent over the sink to dye her hair and I couldn’t help myself

I jumped on her and started to fuck her doggie style, it was great

Are they going to put you down?

” Oh no ” I’m just in to get my nails cut”

Left by eaf143


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