Can I have some Tampex.

A young boy get a job in a store a while later his first customer come in and asks him for some lighter fuel.

The lad says ” sorry sir we are a sold out” the customer walks out of the shop.

The boss had been standing near goes over to the new start and says ” that is not the way to serve a costumer.

The man asked for lighter fuel and true we have all sold out but you should have offered him something else like matches or a new lighter ” ,so the lad apoligized and said ” I will know next time. ”

A while later a man comes into the store and asks the lad for some Tampax.

The lad serves him the Tampax then says ” Sir can I sell you a lawnmower? ”

And the man replies ” I only wanted some sanitry towels for my wife why would I want a lawnmower ?”

“Well Sir you are in for a miserable week end, so you might as well cut the grass”

Left by eaf143


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