A tramp and a gay

This tramp falls asleep in a drunken state in an allyway ,then this gay man in need of a piss goes up the ally to relieve himself he then notices the tramp and notes his trousers are badly torn showing his bare arse.

The gay thinks to himself ” I can have a bit of fun here ” and prepares to shag the tramp ,after he finished reliving himself he gets a bit guilty so he leaves £10 note in the tramps pocket.

The tramp wakens the next morning he finds the tenner and heads off to the shop were he buys a bottle of Whiskey the shop keeper says “Joe you usually drink cheap wine “?

“Never mind just give me the drink ” and off the goes back to the same ally to finish his find and falls into a drunken sleep , the same guy appears and repeats the nights before process .

This action goes on for a whole week the gay fucking the tramp then leaves a tenner ,after a week or so the tramp goes into the offy and asks for a bottle of wine wheras the barman asks the tramp ” what happened to the whiskey you liked last week?”

The tramp replies ” I don’t know, but that whiskey burns the arse of me ”

Left by eaf143


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