Three woman on a plane.

A blonde, redhead and black-haired beauty were on an airplane that was going down in flames.

The blonde reached inside her purse and pulled out all her make-up and began primping. The others asked her what she was doing.

She replied, “It’s a well-known fact that the people at the crash-site will notice a beautiful woman before other victims. I’ll look wonderful and be rescued first.”

All of a sudden the redhead rips open her blouse and removes her bra to reveal enormous boobs.

When the other 2 ladies ask her what she’s doing, she answers, “It’s a well known fact that paramedics love women with huge tits.

They will see me and rush to my side to administer CPR and I will be rescued first.”

The black-haired beauty then begins to remove her skirt, panty-hose, and under-panties.

The other 2 ladies ask, “What are YOU doing?”

She replies, “Ladies, it’s a well known fact, the FIRST thing they look for at any crash-site is the BLACK BOX!”

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