circumcised joke

An Aussie called by the unlikely name of Bruce bounced into his local and with a big grin on his face said to his mates:

“Drinks are on me”

One of them asked what was the occasion.

Bruce said that after trying for umpteen years his wife back in Oz had just given birth to their first child a boy weighing in at 25lbs

“Jeez Bruce – 25lb? That’s a bit extreme ! ”

A female customer listening nearby, fainted and fell on the floor.

Bruce said: “Well that’s Oz for you, everything oversized and extreme”.

Three weeks went by and then in came Bruce to his local.

One of his mates asked how the new arrival was doing.

Bruce said: “Very well. Keeping them all awake and he now weighs 17lb”

His mate said: “Hang on, the baby weighed 25lb at birth and now three weeks later weighs 17lb, something’s wrong !”

“No mate, everythings ok”, said Bruce. “He’s just left hospital after being circumcised


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