What’s below my bed, joke.

Dorothy visited a shrink and told him, “Whenever I lie down on the bed, I get this mind-numbing fear that something is below the bed.”

The shrink said, “I have treated many phobias but this seems to be a unique case.

But do not worry, I will help you get rid of it.”

Dorothy said, “Thank you. How many sessions will it take?”

The shrink replied, Probably 20 to 25.

It will cost 75 pounds per session but by the end of it, you would be completely cured.”

When Dorothy did not turn up for the first session, the shrink called her.

“Why didn’t you come?”, he asked.

Dorothy replied, “When I informed the cost of the treatment to my husband, he found an immediate solution to save the money.

He used a saw to cut the legs of the bed.”


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