“Bejo’s Missing Wallet”

During his annual leave recently Bejo was back to his home village. One day he helped made decoration for the wedding party of the local leader’s nice looking girl.

As the job completed, on his way back home, Bejo made a stop at a kiosk for a pack of clove cigarette. Surprised very much, he could not help wondering when he knew his wallet was not there at back pocket. Ashamed from canceling the transaction he told the seller of problem he encountered.

Thinking pretty hard the possible places where his wallet might fall down meanwhile Bejo rushed back to each of sites he suspected searching. Every where he was at previously already checked with no avail, neither did at toilet.

Eventually.., one place left, it’s the room provided specially for the newlywed to stay. There he did go…..

While busy searching for his wallet he heard footsteps towards the room he was at. That made Bejo frightened of getting caught. At no time he looked for place for him to hide and hence threw he himself under the bed which he also decorated beforehand.

What he guessed proved right. Room door opened and peeping from under bed cover ends Bejo saw the newlywed spouse’s feet stepping in. They both spoke arousing one another.

“Who by now onwards owns this fresh and delicious to kiss pair of lips honey?” Bejo heard the groom asked his wife…..
“Positively yours my dear,” the bride answered.

Soon afterwards Bejo heard the sound so produced when hot and long kiss taking place that affected him to further guessing what’s next?

“Honey, see these smooth skinned, warm and cute tiny twin hills…. To whom they belong?” The groom asked, possibly while his both hands caressing the hills he mentioned, which thought made Bejo smiling and turned on a bit.

“Absolutely yours my dear….,” comes the answer of the bride seemingly gasping for more fresh air to breathe.

Bejo at this point could hardly helped himself withstanding urges from inside to laugh. Luckily he soon realized his situation making no voice bursting out.

He then spotted only three feet of the newlywed spouse on the floor. “Where’s bride’s another leg?” Bejo wondered; whereas he knew it’s impossible to take a peek for clearer view by lifting further up the bed cover without risk of getting caught.

Shortly afterwards, heavier breaths heard and ……

“My lovely sweetheart, who owns this fresh and handful warm wallet?” Husband heard questioning.

All of sudden that very question withdrawn the consciousness from beyond of Bejo why he was here peeping into this newlywed special bedroom. And, by reflex he spontaneously shouted excitedly:



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