Little Johnny Parks His Car

Little Johnny awoke one night to hear strange noises coming from his parents bedroom. When he opened the door his dad was on his mom naked . He said” Dad what are you and mom doing? His dad told him “I’m parking my car in yours mom’s garage. Go back to bed.”

Well the next day, the girl next door came over to play with Johnny. He said ” I have a new game for us to play.” what’s it called the girl replied . It’s called parking the car . Wanna try it he said. Sure said the little girl.

Well Johnny tells her how to play and they get off to a good start. A few minutes later all you can here is little Johnny screaming . His mom rushes into the room and says” what the hell is going on here? . The girl tries her best to explain. She said “You see we were playing park the car and Johnny got his car all most all the way in. The back tires wouldn’t fit so I cut them off!


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