One liner jokes

Why does Corona go through your system so fast?
Because it does not have to stop to change colour

How do you start a parade in the ghetto?
Roll a 40 down the street.

How do you find a man in a bar who is sensitive, caring and good looking?
He’s nursing a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and is acting super super gay!

What is the difference between a sofa and a man watching Monday Night Football?
The sofa doesn’t keep asking for Bud Light!

What is the similarity between Michelob Ultra and having sex in a rowboat?
They are both SO close to water!

What do you call a man with a pint of Labatts on his head?
A taxi. Clearly, he’s had too much booze and is being a nuisance.

What do blondes and bottle of Corona have in common?
Their both empty from the neck up!

Where do monkeys go to grab a beer?
The monkey bars!

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