Perfect Penis: Little Johnny joke.

Little Johnny is playing in the woods with his little friend Jenny
when she turns to him and asks if he knows what a penis is.

Johnny, unable to answer tells her to wait while he runs home to
ask his dad. He bursts in through the front door to find his dad
laying on the sofa watching TV.

“Dad! dad, do you know what a penis is dad, do you ?” Johnny demands of
his father.

The father stands, whips out his member and says “This, my boy, is
a penis and as a matter of fact it’s a perfect penis”.

Johnny dashes back out through the door towards the woods to share
his new found knowledge with little Jenny.

“Did you find out ?” she asks on his return.

“Yes I did” he gasps, still a little out of breath “here, I’ll
show you”

“There you go” he proclaims proudly, lowering his shorts to his
ankles, “That’s a penis, and if it was two inches shorter it would
be perfect!”

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